Michelle Engblom-Deglmann, Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

The idea of therapy can be exciting, stressful, overwhelming or downright terrifying. I am proud of you for beginning the search, for exploring, reaching out, and caring enough about yourself, your relationships and your family to seek help. You're worth it and so are your relationships. Choosing a therapist can be a difficult and stressful task when there are so many options and they all seem to have similar credentials. To help potential clients through this process, I've tried to provide as much information as possible about what sets me apart from many therapists in the area, and what may or may not make me a good fit to work with you, your partner, or your family. I am happy to provide a free phone consultation to give you an opportunity to ask questions and see if therapy with me is a good fit for you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at (503) 974-6563.


I received my Bachelor's degree at the College of St. Benedict in Minnesota, followed by a Master's in Counseling Psychology at St. Cloud State University with a certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy. I went on to become a licensed MFT, before receiving my Ph.D. in Family Therapy from St. Louis University, with a minor in Research Methodology and a certificate in University Teaching. I received the National Dissertation Award for my doctoral research on divorce and remarriage, and the Raphael Becvar Award for Dedication to Scholarship.


I currently teach as a graduate professor in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at George Fox University at their Tigard campus. Prior to moving to Portland, I was a professor and Clinical Training Director at Simpson University in Redding, California. As a professor, I have presented and published, both regionally and nationally, on topics of divorce, remarriage, infertility, spinal cord injury, trust, and attachment among others. I also worked in the private sector as a therapist and clinical supervisor for eight years before becoming a full-time professor. Finally, I am an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Approved Supervisor, so I am approved to supervise therapists working on their hours for licensure.


  • I am not only a therapist, but an active teaching professor. This allows me both the time and motivation to stay informed of current research and techniques in the field.
  • Unlike many therapists in the area, I have a doctoral degree in the field, which involved hundreds of hours of additional training and education.
  • I have been a practicing therapist for over ten years.
  • I am an award-winning researcher and scientist-practitioner.
  • I am one of a handful of people in the Portland area practicing therapy with a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy from a COAMFTE accredited school, which is the top accrediting body in the country.

  • ME

    I love being outside, hiking and exploring nature, it fills my cup when I feel depleted. I am a proud introvert who loves spending time with others but loves my time to myself as well. I feel honored to be able to teach students how to become ethical and passionate therapists and I am even more honored to work with clients and walk alongside them through the process of self-discovery, in whatever area of life that might be needed.

    When I'm not teaching or working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and best friend, and our young daughter. I am an avid runner and marathoner and find that growth, acknowledgement of fears and pain, and self-discovery happens, for me, on runs. Running has humbled me, taught me life lessons and reminded me of the importance of commitment. My husband and I often run together which has significant metaphors for life as well.


    My training and my personal approach to therapy is based on a systems perspective, that is, I view people as part of a greater system, not as an individual in a vacuum. If a couple or family is facing difficulties, I believe it is more effective to work with the couple or family as a whole, rather than trying to effect change in the system by working with a single member. Furthermore, I generally use a systemic model called Emotionally-Focused Therapy. This type of therapy has been scientifically validated over the last 20 years, and focuses on attachment and emotions. I am a trained Emotionally-Focused Therapist. I also employ elements of many other effective systemic models.

    My clinical specialties include divorce and remarriage, marital conflict, intimacy, trust, infertility, depression, and bereavement. I also have significant experience with adolescents, sexual dysfunction, adoption, foster care, attachment issues, anxiety, high conflict couples, and infidelity. I have received several trainings through the years which include, but are not limited to: PREPARE/ENRICH relationship assessment and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral therapy.


    After our initial contact via telephone or email, the next step is to find the paperwork section of my website, download the initial forms, fill them out and bring them with you to your first session.

    The first session typically consists of you sharing your story with me and telling me why you are seeking counseling services. I will ask several questions in order to better get to know you and your goals for therapy. Many people think therapy can be a quick fix for fairly deep issues, so I want to caution you that solutions can often take time. Be patient with yourself, your partner and your family.

    My hope is that you will experience therapy to be a safe environment where you feel comfortable to explore all the things contributing to why you are seeking counseling in the first place. I am a transparent person and therapist which means I am willing to be as open as possible about the therapeutic process and the facilitation of change. I find empowering clients to make decisions about therapy and the entire process is an important part of feeling safe with me as a therapist.

    While the number of sessions varies significantly based on a number of factors, most clients complete treatment in 8-12 sessions. Some clients may need just a few sessions to address a minor concern or some clients may come in after several years of significant personal struggles, so it varies from person to person. Many people begin to experience positive outcomes of therapy within the first 3-6 sessions.


    The fee for a 50-minute session (individual, couple or family session) is $130, with sessions being billed in ½ hour increments thereafter. I do not accept insurance at this time. Many clients find they can get reimbursed themselves through their insurance company and I am happy to provide you with the necessary receipts so you can submit them for the services. I recommend calling your insurance company before our first session and finding out how that process can work for you. You can also choose not to go through your insurance company at all and pay the fee for services yourself.

    I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as cash. I do not accept personal checks.


    I am an AAMFT Approved Supervisor and am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Oregon and California. I provide supervision to masters and doctoral students who are seeking supervision towards licensure. I can provide group and individual supervision.


    AAMFT Approved Supervisors are dedicated professionals who have obtained the educational, experiential, and supervisory training required for the competent supervision of marriage and family therapists and trainees. Those who have earned the designation serve as mentors who support and nurture their supervisees' strengths and resources, and provide a learning environment that ensures thorough marriage and family therapy (MFT) training and education.

    AAMFT Approved Supervisors have a breadth and depth of MFT clinical and supervisory experience, and stay involved in the professional MFT community. They are committed to refining their clinical and supervisory skills, and participate in ongoing professional development through their affiliation with the AAMFT.

    Approved Supervisors work from a systemic orientation, using a variety of MFT theoretical approaches in their practice. Their supervision is guided by the Responsibilities and Guidelines for AAMFT Approved Supervisors, and the AAMFT Code of Ethics. The complete text of the AAMFT Code of Ethics can be obtained online at www.aamft.org.


    Individual Supervision
  • Individual supervision fee is $100 per 50 minute session
  • Group Supervision
  • Group supervision fee is as follows (per individual):
    • 2 - 3 interns/supervisees: 50-minute hour and $80 per person
    • 4 - 6 interns/supervisees: 1 hour, 15 minutes at $90 per person
    You may contact me by phone or email for more details about my philosophy of supervision

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions through any of these methods


    (503) 974-6563



    12570 SW 69th Avenue
    Portland, OR 97223


    I see clients primarily during the daytime weekday hours. I may have a few evening appointment available as well, however, those times tend to fill up quickly. You may schedule an appointment by calling, emailing, or filling in the contact information below.